Rough draft NYC, The first hybrid coworking space & full service creative agency

After touring around a few spaces in Manhattan, we made our way to a coworking space in Brooklyn that is very special to us: Rough Draft NYC. Why so special you wonder? Because they are  the first coworking space we onboarded from the US when we started Coworkies.

Rough Draft NYC, the story
Back in 2015, Alison  Zullo and Glenn Pajarito found, in the middle of Brooklyn, a little gem they felt in love with, which, from outside, looked like a store-front from the 20s. Unoccupied for more than 25 years, it was not in a great condition, but Alison and Glenn saw the potential it had. The question that came immediately to their heads was: what could we do with it? Founders of the creative agency Renegade Lovers, they thought the space could be a great alternative to working from home, which was a few blocks away in Bushwick but it was also too big for just the two of them.

Thus, they came up with the idea to have a collaborative space. One that would not only be the base of their agency, but also the one of many other creative professionals from the neighborhood seeking an inspiring place to work. And so in March 2016, Rough Draft NYC was starting its early-debut as a coworking space.
Some key facts about rough draft
1 space –Started in 2016 – 100% powered by renewable and solar energy.

Powered by the community
Entering Rough Draft NYC feels good. Alison and Glenn have created a cosy, detail-oriented work environment where you can find inspiration at every corners. Spread over 2 floors (one ground floor, which is the work area with the kitchen and one basement where there is a meeting room) it offers all the amenities one needs to get work done. The space is 100% powered by renewable and solar energy but it is first and foremost powered by the community.
We had the chance to visit Rough Draft during a community event and were quite amazed by how easy and natural it felt to connect with people. Everyone part of the community contributed to the event by sharing their background. From that, we understood how diverse the skillsets of Rough Draft NYC are, ranging from web designers to writers, copywriters, Artistic director and more.
The community manager in charge of bringing people together is also a member. She gets access to the space for a discounted price in return for a few hours of her time to help Alison and Glenn create connections between people and onboard new members interested to join. Members of Rough Draft NYC support each other in their growth by sharing knowledge and work with each other. This notion of growth is something Alison and Glenn have at heart since the day they started the space:
“The name Rough Draft ties back to the way we think about creative work, that nothing is ever final, but an ongoing process of growing and constantly evolving what we do. And we believe people should love where they work as much as the work they do.” – Alison and Glenn
A selfie automat with
The day we visited Rough Draft NYC was also the day of Halloween. It was really nice to see Kids wearing amazing costumes come-in for some trick or treats. Everyone in the space played the game. Kids were going out of the space with big smile on their faces, and obviously, a bunch of cool candies too.
We took the time we had with everyone to capture a selfie. We are glad to add it to our library of “selfie with many people on it”. Can you remember which other selfie of ours has that many people on it? Comment below and get a little surprise from the Coworkies team if you find out.

Images Copyrights: Rough Draft NYC
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