The Brass Factory, beautiful independant coworking space in the heart of Brooklyn

Coworking is not about square meters, it’s about the people. If you follow Coworkies, this might be a sentence you are quite familiar with. When talking about New York coworking scene, many believe it is all about square meters and less about the people. As a matter of fact, we’ve met many spaces in New York who have at heart community building and nothing else and the space of today is a perfect illustration of that.
Welcome to the Brass Factory!
The Brass Factory, the story
If you walk around Brooklyn, more precisely close to Bedford Avenue, it is quite common to find huge factories, which, for some of them, are not in business anymore. Today, the neighborhood is an interesting mix between warehouses, fashion stores and… spaces for creatives.

In early 2017, Alice, founder of The Brass Factory, decided to transform a former Brass Factory into an independant and beautiful workspace for Creatives. The idea behind opening a new workspace, was to gather a community of professionals who seek an inspiring workspace, not too far from their home, to work and grow their businesses.
Some key facts about The Brass Factory
Started in 2017 – 22,000 sqft – 2 areas
After a few months of construction and renovation, the Brass Factory opened its doors to the public and quite quickly filled up with members.
An inviting interior design.
When you enter the Brass Factory, you enter a peaceful, quiet, relaxing work environment. The 22,000 sqft of space are divided in 2 main zones.
The first one is for companies seeking a closed office to work while still being able to enjoy meeting new people. There are offices are various sizes who all have natural light and are fully equipped. The closed offices are around what, at night, becomes the event space. The Brass Factory being so big, spacious and really well-located in Brooklyn, it is the perfect spot for events. And since their early days, Alice, Louis and their team have organized many of them. From Sofar sounds, to dinner or meetups, everything is possible.

The second space, on the other side of the area dedicated to the closed offices is the coworking part. Fully opened with direct access to the community kitchen and communal area, it has several ‘islands” for teams or individuals. The space has a lot of greenery, which gives a warm feeling of peace. Members of the Brass Factory have full access to the space, its meetings rooms and events. They also have many opportunities to mingle, through the community events that are available on a weekly basis.
During our time at the Brass Factory, we met 2 members who were also from Berlin and decided to move to New York to start their own agency. They told us working out of the Brass Factory was like finding heaven on earth and we believe them!
A selfie automat with
Alice and Louis, who are both running the space on a daily-basis. If you pass by Bedford Avenue, make sure to check out the Brass Factory and say hi to Alice and Luis for us!

Images rights: The Brass Factory
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