The New Work Project, beautiful coworking space for Creatives in Brooklyn

New York is one of our favorite city to explore coworking. The scene is so rich and diverse!  Our curiosity just keeps on growing, our love for interior design just keeps on being pleased. Discovering about The New Work Project, our curiosity and love for interior design radars went both all the way up. The level of attention to details in the space is one of the highest we’ve seen. There is not a single object that does not belong to the overall atmosphere of the space.
How do you create such a space? We met James, co-managing partner and Shaun, General Manager to talk in details about The New Work Project.
How did you land into the coworking world?
Like most business ideas, our concept was born out of the belief that we could do better than what existed already. We had previously worked out of soulless, shared workspaces ourselves, where genuine collaboration was virtually impossible because we were surrounded by people we had nothing in common with and because everyone was locked away in closed-off private studios.

What was your idea when you designed the space?
We wanted to offer a place for like-minded people to come together in an environment that was personal and intimate, and designed for genuine collaboration. Our space is more than 50% open plan. It exists to inspire, stimulate, promote creativity and facilitate fluid working.

Why the name The New Work Project?
The New Work Project is owned and operated by the same people behind The New Design Project, a Brooklyn based interior design studio.
Some Key Facts about The New Work Project
1 space – Opened in 2017 – From $260 a month
Who are your members?
The majority of our members work in creative industries. Experiential marketing and event planning, digital and influencer marketing, branding, interior design and architecture, as well as other creative agencies. Furthermore, most of our members are hyper-local and live within a few blocks of the space itself.   

What is your favorite part of the space and why?
Our Lounge is the first thing that people see when they enter the space. The interior design pairs iconic pieces with custom furniture. It showcases our collaboration with other well known Brooklyn furniture and textile designers. The Gallery however is the real heartbeat of the space. Open but private, and flooded with natural light, it’s a place buzzing with independently minded creators and innovators.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned through coworking up until now?
We’ve proved that there is demand for a more aspirational, personal, intimate, and individually designed alternative to the existing large chain coworking offering. We’ve also proved that there is demand for (and benefit to) genuinely collaborative, open plan working.
Selfie automat with…
James (with the blue shirt) and Shaun (with the black shirt)

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