Voyager HQ, the club for travel innovators

New York has a lot to offer when it comes to coworking spaces. So you might wonder, how does one differentiate from another? Well, the answer can be found in one word: community. One of the best example we came across is called Voyager HQ, a coworking space for startups from the travel industry.
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Voyager HQ, the story
Started in the summer of 2016, by J. Andrew Stein and John Matson, the idea was to create a club where all the different industry leaders from the travel industry could meet, work, connect and collaborate.

At Voyager, we met Jenni, who leads the community activities inside the space. From our time there, we understood how curation can create a unique environment where every interaction between members can lead to collaboration, learning or partnerships.
Some key facts about Voyager HQ
500 members – 300 startups – 4 different types of memberships
The space is a huge floor in a modern building. The coworking area is located at the center of everything. On the sides, you can find meeting rooms, closed offices as well as phone booths. At the back, there is also a kitchen where members can meet and mingle. Voyager HQ organizes many events related to the travel industry and offers the possibility to its members to participate and contribute.
Not just offline
One of the great thing that Voyager HQ has understood early on is that startups are constantly moving, probably even more when it comes to the travel industry. Thus, a need for a physical space to work from everyday is not necessary. That’s why one of their membership package offers members the possibility to become part of the community digitally only. What does it means? Members who select this package do not get access to the physical space to work but can access all the communication channels offered by Voyager HQ to stay connected to the space and its community at any given time.
Aside from the fact that members can access a digital version of the space, Voyager HQ also uses its website as a way to gather all information about the travel industry. Thus, on Voyager HQ you can also find work opportunities, read about the latest news from the industry, check out the travel related events in the city and connect with some of the startups that are part of the network.
Not just for startups
Although you might think Voyager HQ is for startups only, they bring together the entire industry: corporate companies, medium businesses, VCs, Investors and even mentors can benefit from the network they created.
A selfie automat with
Jenni, the Head of Community who welcomed us so warmly!

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